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Life Insurance

Life insurance is protection for dependents. Your dependents can include children, parents, spouse, or anyone who is dependent on you for financial support. In a sense, creditors are also "dependents" in that they are depending on you to repay your debt. So creditors should be added to your list of dependents.

Life insurance is not an investment nor is it a savings plan. The American Council of Life Insurance (ACLI), a trade association in the life insurance industry, said in an issue of their newsletter:

"Life insurance is not designed to provide for the possibility of economic gain in return for a risked sum of money. That's an investment. Nor is it designed to accumulate deposits of money building toward an individual or family financial goal. That's a savings account. The purpose of life insurance is "to provide a guaranteed death benefit to protect your dependents against financial loss."

Someone may tell you that everyone needs life insurance. Anyone needs life insurance if his or her premature death would result in financial loss to others or deprive them of a financial gain. In other words, the need for life insurance depends on a person's situation.

To get the best possible life insurance coverage for your family, you need to know what kinds of policies are available from which sources, and how to choose a policy to fit your situation.

can help you protect your dependents with a life insurance policy that addresses your needs and concerns.

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Friday, Oct 23rd 2020
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