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What is an annuity?

In its most general sense, an annuity is an agreement for one person or organization to pay another a stream or series of payments. Usually the term "annuity" relates to a contract between you and a life insurance company, but a charity or a trust can take the place of the insurance company.

There are many categories of annuities. They can be classified by:

  • Nature of the underlying investment - fixed or variable
  • Primary purpose - accumulation or pay-out (deferred or immediate)
  • Nature of pay-out commitment - fixed period, fixed amount, or lifetime
  • Tax status - qualified or nonqualified
  • Premium payment arrangement - single premium or flexible premium An annuity can be classified in several of these categories at once. For example, you might buy a nonqualified single premium deferred variable annuity.

can help you sort throught the annuity options and help select the annuities that have the right benefits and protections for you and your family.

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Friday, Oct 23rd 2020
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